Dulce High School

Welcome to Dulce High School

The Dulce High School is located on the Jicarilla Apache reservation. Dulce is located in Northern New Mexico, near the Colorado border. As a smaller high school, we join our parents and community to support our student to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities to become independent and self-sufficient citizens.

Our staff utilize research-based methods and systems to ensure that all students learn. Our parents, staff, and community are raising expectations of our students, so they may become active citizens in our community. Staff continue to build their knowledge and skills to engage students in classes for a deeper academic level. Active participation in classes builds students’ critical thinking skills.

Students participate in a range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, Student Council, E-Sports, and other activities. This list continues to expand.

Our Mission

To join parents and the community in assisting students in developing their skills, so they may become independent and self-sufficient. 

We take PRIDE in our school, staff and students who show personal responsibility in their daily effort.

Our Vision

To employ research based methods, systems and resources to ensure that all students learn a curriculum based on real-life. It is the responsibility of parents, staff, administration and the community to raise expectations of all our students, so they may become viable citizens in the future, representing the school, community and global world now and for the rest of their lives. Dulce High School is a place of learning for staff, students and the community.