Principal's Message

  • Ina Montoya


    Mrs. Ina Montoya

    Dulce Elementary Principal


    Danzho, shi Ina Montoya shízhi̱. Hello, my name is Ina Montoya. I am the Dulce Elementary Principal this school year. My parents are Leona Garambullo and the late Raymond Ramon and Rogene Garambullo. My grandparents are Nora Velarde, Katherine Atole, Marie Garambullo, Joe Ramone and Captain Vicenti.  This year, my husband, Tilford and I celebrated 20 years of marriage with our four children – Christian, Eric, Lina and Isaiah, our daughter-in-law, Minnie, and our granddaughter, Tali.  I’m ¼ Jicarilla Apache and ¾ Navajo and have lived in Dulce most of my life. 

                    If I wasn’t in Dulce, I was with my mom while she worked for Indian Health Services that gave me experience and insight from other reservations. My educational experience includes a Bachelors of University Studies majoring in Family Studies and Ethnic Minority Studies (University of New Mexico), an unfinished Graduate Certificate in Theology (need one more class – Denver Seminary), a Masters of Education majoring in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL – Grand Canyon University), and a post Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in the POLLEN program (University of New Mexico) that focused on making Native American people school administrators. 

                    When I was younger, I volunteered after school at hospitals my mom worked at. Later, I worked at the Jicarilla Supermarket, the Jicarilla Inn (Wild Horse Casino and Hotel now), the Apache Nugget Casino, a few months each, then at the Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church for over 14 years until I came to work for Dulce Independent Schools as a Jicarilla Apache Language and Culture teacher.  After graduating from UNM this year, I passed my administrator’s exam for New Mexico and applied for this position as a stipulation of the Kellogg grant given to pay for my classes. 

                    Since I received my last two degrees online and through distance education, I tell students I went to college after work, at my house on my computer.  They can go to college too – no excuses.  Same goes for learning their Native language – I was hired with limited language knowledge because no one else had applied for the job and I learned as I taught.  Learn your language, no excuses.

                    For balance, I read, sew gifts and clothes for my family, crochet gifts for students & DES staff, spend time with my family and all our pets.

    My goals for the elementary: increase family involvement, increase attendance, and increase reading & math levels of students. Da’aina.